Privacy policy

  1. The private information that customers provided to JAPAN GAUGE CO., LTD. (hereafter, JAPAN GAUGE) will be used only in the following cases.
    • The customer agrees to the disclosure of private information
    • It is necessary to disclose the information upon request from law or public office
    • It is necessary to disclose the information to subcontractors or other companies for operating this site. In this case, the private information to be disclosed is restricted within necessary range and have the subcontractors and other companies manage the customer’s private information thoroughly based on the contract etc.
  2. The information obtained by JAPAN GAUGE will not be provided or disclosed to third parties excluding the following cases.
    • There are possibilities of posing a threat to the identical person, public life, health, or properties
    • The disclosure is requested by laws or regulations etc.
  3. If the disclosure of private information is requested, it can be disclosed only to the identical person after the predefined procedure is terminated. If the relevant information has an error as a result of disclosure, only the identical person can request the correction or the deletion.
  4. The information obtained by JAPAN GAUGE may be given to companies fulfilling a certain information protection management standard to provide services smoothly.
  5. You shall voluntarily submit the private information to JAPAN GAUGE, however, if you do not submit the information, you may not able to use the services provided by JAPAN GAUGE.
  6. For consultation or complaint about private information, please contact the following.

    Tel: +81-45-581-3762 Fax: +81-45-583-2333
    Reception time: 9:00 to 17:00 on workdays (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are closed)


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