Message from our President

代表取締役社長 淺田 誠

President’s Message

JAPAN GAUGE CO., LTD. has been committed to the design, manufacturing, domestic and overseas sales of automatic measuring machines and their application systems by combining mechanical design, control design and computer application technologies with the underlying technologies, the precision processing technology and precision measuring technology that we have fostered for many years since our founding.

We delivered more than 4,500 machines to our customers. Based on the experience, we have high confidence in developing products that meet customers’ needs. Our flagship products, the automatic measuring machines and shaft bend straightening machines are used for automotive-related production lines such as engines, transmissions and underbody, and we are highly recognized by many customers.

Moreover, we strive to enhance our unique technology that may not be offered by other companies. While working on developing equipment technologies that provide higher precision and quality and higher-speed operation, we aim to reduce the price of products and shorten the delivery period by standardizing units.

With a key focus on providing after-sales services that make customers happy, we are making every effort to offer the immediate and best after-sales services that do not cause problems in customers’ production processes.

We would appreciate your support in the future.

President and Representative Director Makoto Asada

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